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Advert Network is an online venture with a portfolio of more than 10000 Internet properties.

The Advert Network is a multi-faceted Network of Vertical Portals, which can also be referred to as a Vortal or Vertical Industry network. The Advert Network is a gateway to the Internet, providing information and links to businesses and services within the global economy. Each of our Vortal relates to a specific industry or service and facilitates a targeted online advertising medium.

Vortals are considered to be a sophisticated way of providing online information on targeted industries. The Advert Network is developing thousands of Vertical Portals making it one of the most unique networks in the world. Each of the Vortals assists in moving targeted traffic between the other Vortals in addition to being able to work individually to provide the end user with advertising material and relevant content.

Our Portals have memorable and relevant domain names ensuring that there is no need for unnesseasary searching. This in turn ensures that all businesses that advertise with us secure maximum exposure.


Advert Network is handled by a talented team of website developers and designers whose aim is to provide the best services using the latest technology in website development and web related fields. Advert Network offers a full complement of internet related services, including: Search Platforms, Content Managemet Systems (CMS) and performant Site Statistics Software Modules.

One of the goals, we put all efforts in, is to help our clients and partners to achieve high performance and results through Internet strategies and intelligent systems. One step in achieving our goals is to help our clients and customers to reach their targeted audience and market.

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The Advert Network is an advertising platform that gives your business the potential to reach a great number of new customers all over the world.

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